GURPS DF Session 52 - Caves of Chaos, part 6

A couple of players were absent last night. Hopefully we'll see them back once the dust of the holiday season has settled. A stand in player joined us when his regular game wasn't running. He took over the reins of pregen Sir Yvor for the (k)night.

 session sees the conclusion to the Battle of Two Landings. 

Session Date: Thursday 2 January 2020 (EDIT: session date corrected)

Party roster:
Miao Miao, cat-folk swashbuckler, 391 points (PC)
- Jenkins, human servant, 186 points (NPC Ally)
- Brother Warian, human monk (initiate), 177 points (NPC Ally)

- Gregus, human sellsword, unknown points (NPC Hireling)
- Mace, human mace-wielder, unknown points (NPC Hireling)
Davin Emberwood, human wizard, 326 points (PC)

Sister Miriam Suntemple, human cleric, 297 points (PC)
Childerbert "Bert" Ingoberger, halfling locksmith (thief), 251 points (PC) 
Llandor the Gray, wood-elf scout, 290 points (NPC*)
Sir Yvor Gryffyn, human knight, 309 points (PC*)
*The players of Llandor and Yvor were absent.

Location: Caves of Chaos, Borderlands between Ioscany and Pyrrhon

A brief summary:
- Sir Yvor successfully blocked a shield rush from an angry, wounded ogre.
- The ogre blocked and dodged a rapid strike from Sir Yvor.
- Miriam failed to defend against a flail swing on her non-shield side from the ogre's huge morning star. 

- Although that one hit was a major wound and took Miriam below 0 HP, she stayed on her feet.
- Davin ran behind the ogre to hit it with a thrown ice dagger to the vitals, for triple impaling damage.

- The ogre took the major wound standing, only to fall collapse unconscious on its own turn.
- Gregus was unlucky when his swing was parried so well by a goblin that Gregus pulled something is his shoulder and his sword arm was out of action.
- Sir Yvor stepped up to the supine ogre and brought his longsword down upon its neck, doing enough damage to force a death check (which the ogre failed), and decapitated the monster.
- A couple of the concussed goblins failed to escape quickly enough and were stabbed by Yvor, but the majority escaped. 
- Upstairs the party fought the hobgoblins until there were only 2 standing, who backed away to the door.
- Miao unfortunately decided to turn her back on the hobgoblins, who took advantage of the tactical error.
- Jenkins was cut down by a critical hit from a hobgoblin falchion, forcing a death check. In this case, the presence of Luck advantage made the difference between life and death for Miao's manservant.

- After those hobgoblins were dealt with, Bert hastily shut the door and tried to wedge it shut with iron spikes.
- There was more shouting and commotion from the other side of the door, but so far the hobgoblins haven't forced their way through.
- Warian tended to Mace and Jenkins, and Davin carried Miriam up to the corner landing with a Levitation spell. 
- A couple of potions and a gem of healing were used, in addition to clerical magic, to get everyone above 1/3 HP and Awaken the unconscious. 
- Bert and Miao checked the hobgoblins for coin purses whilst the party hurriedly discussed what to do....
That door won't hold the hobgoblins for long, if/when they want out of their room. The landing of the stairs is clearly not a safe place to rest. Will the party decide to press on, or will they retreat from the caves while they still can?

Here is a photo towards the end of the fight. At the top of the stairs the floor is littered with casualties; at the bottom the goblins are in retreat and the ogre has been beheaded.

In-character summaries from the players to follow...


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