GURPS DF Session 53 - Caves of Chaos, part 7

Last night was probably the last DF session in several weeks. Our two absent players were back at the table and we had the full compliment of players.

Session Date: Thursday 9 January 2020 (EDIT: session date corrected)

Party roster:
Miao Miao, cat-folk swashbuckler, 391 points (PC)
- Jenkins, human servant, 186 points (NPC Ally)
- Brother Warian, human monk (initiate), 177 points (NPC Ally)

- Gregus, human sellsword, unknown points (NPC Hireling)
- Mace, human mace-wielder, unknown points (NPC Hireling)
Davin Emberwood, human wizard, 326 points (PC)

Sister Miriam Suntemple, human cleric, 297 points (PC)
Childerbert "Bert" Ingoberger, halfling locksmith (thief), 251 points (PC) 
Llandor the Gray, wood-elf scout, 290 points (PC)
Sir Yvor Gryffyn, human knight, 309 points (PC)

Location: Caves of Chaos, Borderlands between Ioscany and Pyrrhon

A brief summary:
- The party spent several minutes discussing how to handle the hobgoblins on the other side of the wedged door. Voices and other noises could be heard on the other side.
- Their plan was for Davin to stop maintaining the 1 yd Glue spell that he had cast at the foot of the door. Bert would remove the iron spikes with Sir Yvor standing right behind him. Yvor would then guard the doorway against any hobgoblins coming to attack. 
- Everyone got their weapons ready, and Bert pried out the spikes with his crowbar.
- The door swung open to reveal a space about 20 ft wide, stretching into the darkness.
- No Hobgoblins could be seen; the party's light sources did not illuminate far enough.
- Bert threw his Continual Light stone into the darkness. At the same time two crossbow bolts came at them from out of the dark. One hit the door frame near Bert. The other hit Sir Yvor, penetrating his segmented plate torso armour, but thankfully not the leather armour underneath.

The ensuing fight took pretty much the whole session.

- The hobgoblins had setup a makeshift barricade towards the far end of the room, behind which 6 of them fired their crossbows from out of the darkness. 
- Yvor charged into the room, followed by Miao, Llandor, and Bert. Miao rushed straight ahead, with Llandor turning to the left, and Bert peeling right.
- Three hobgoblins were waiting against the wall, in the right-hand corner behind the door.
- Bert encountered these, but Yvor and Mace came to his aid and they were able to deal with those.

- Miao got shot hit twice by crossbow bolts (I think taking 10 HP wound each time). However, she stayed standing thanks to Miriam casting full strength Major Healing on Miao both times.
- An arrow aimed at someone else (Llandor?) missed, but hit Warian standing at the back and dropped him in one hit. Warian failed his HT roll and fell unconscious. 

- Llandor ran around providing fire support, dropping a couple of crossbowmen, and shooting one hobgoblin in the eye.
- A huge, 
tough hobgoblin got slashed, shot, and stabbed, and kept going. He passed two death checks before finally falling.
- After firing all their crossbows, the remaining archers drew their swords and came out from behind the barricade to close for melee, just as Miao was vaulting over the barrier to find no-one waiting.
- Gregus stayed at the back the entire fight, having pulled his sword arm the previous fight, and it hadn't recovered yet.
- Miao Miao was uncharacteristically on the back foot for this battle, getting shot twice, and not being able to cut down a single enemy.
- Sir Yvor on the other showed his mettle (steel?), cutting down many hobgoblins and using his Sacrificial Parry to defend comrades to great effect multiple times.

Here is a photo towards the end of the fight. Miao has just leapt over the barricade to see the last crossbowman walking away, sword drawn.

- After the fight, Miriam cast Major Healing on Warian back to full health. However he's still unconscious, and the NPC healer is the only one who knows the Awaken spell!
- Bert checked the bodies, relieving them of their purses and finding a door key, which he found locked both doors!
- Llandor was not able to recover any arrows (all broken), however he finished off the fallen enemies and collected his trophy ears. Then he set his man-traps behind each door. 

In-character summaries from the players to follow...


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