Nordlond Sagas Kickstarter Rewards!

 Actually they arrived couple weeks ago. I didn't open the parcel straightaway, considering the ongoing pandemic. I had the PDFs already so there was no rush. Anyway the books look lovely. I am pleasantly surprised how quickly this KS got fulfilled, under the circumstances. Kudos to Doug, once again on that front.

 The Kickstarter project included 4 books total: 2 adventures, a book of fantasy races, and a book on gods and their clerics; all themed for Douglas Cole's Nordlond setting. Here are the Kickstarter page and Doug's web store.

 I haven't read the books cover to cover, but my initial read-throughs do not disappoint. I like the plot of the two adventures. The motivations of the various antagonists make sense within the adventures, and that makes it easier for the GM to adapt if they want to change it up, or have to react to unexpected PC actions. 

 I would prefer all maps with hexgrids to have a 1 yard = 1 hex scale, to match the DFRPG/GURPS battlemap, but understand that this isn't always easy on large area maps, especially when shrunk to fit onto the page. It would be great to have the maps as separate jpeg files, gridded at the 1yd scale and sized for VTT use. I don't know how feasible that would be for Doug to this after the fact now, but I would suggest it as a consideration for future Nordlond projects.

 It may be a while before I use the content in these books. My ongoing campaign has some different setting assumptions, although it's by no means impossible to mash the two together; I just need to decide how and when to do it! 

 More DFRPG (and thus GURPS) content is always good. I am happy to have backed this KS and hope that Gaming Ballistic's DFRPG licencing arrangement continues.


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