DF Monster: Demon of Old

As I have said before, there are several Dungeon Fantasy critters for which no official cardboard mini exists, and for which I can't find a reasonable alternative (previously: Eye of Death; Crushroom). This time I needed a "Demon of Old" (either DFRPG Monsters book, or GURPS DF Monsters 1).

 Sure, plenty of RPGs have demons, and plenty of companies do cardstock or printable minis of demons. However none of the images that I had, really matched what I needed to represent the Demon of Old: a big strong red guy (7+ feet tall) with horns and tail, but no wings. Several came close, but they invariably had wings and/or look too dinky compared to a 6ft tall PC mini. Plus, these demons of old use hooked chains as weapons, so representing that was a plus.

 Now that the party has fought one, I can show my attempts to draw what I wanted. Also, my players probably didn't get an up-close look at the time; we're currently playing online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I prefer to use a webcam pointed at physical table than use a VTT.

 So those are my crude but functional representations. I'm happier with my first go, (on the left), than my second. For the second attempt, I tried to make him/it a bit stockier, but it just looks wrong(er). Still, practice practice...


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