Confessions of Childerbert Ingoberger - Session 66

 The following account is by Bert; an IC summary of the last session. I give +1 character point (XP) for those players who submit a summary for me to post here on the blog. This session was played 2020/05/28. 

The usual disclaimer about the intelligibility of Bert's regional accent applies.


 So’s, woi all returned to the keep, again.  Miaoee tail were all a swish an’ ‘er eyes sparkled an’ ‘er ears perked.  She reckoned our well gotten gains were worth a moighty amount.  She went wi’ ol’ Jenkins, an’ thoi both went, like conies in lettuce patch, ter sell the gems from the throne.  Came back with 10 gold bits.  Well, them as reckon themselves in money reckon a gold bit is worth many bits, an’ you can eat yer own weight fer less weight o’ gold.  Oi paid fer us to stay a week in our rooms, an’ that took gold, so’s good to ‘ave, so’s yer don’t need ter borrow it.

 Of course, loot leads to talk o’ what comes next: Miao wants to try an’ meet a dragon – of all such things – an’ trick it, ter prove she’s the tricksiest o’ the tricksies: reckon that proves she’s already the looniest o’ the loonies.  Moi, Oi warnt to go barck to Marsh hall, an’ maybe pick up some fighting tips, Oi need to work on it.  Reckon Oi miht se if’n there are some back street foights Oi could join fer practice, work on moi wrestle some.  Reckon Oi could make some gold that way: fighting in the tunnels ‘as been a real eye opener for young Childerbert.

 So, back at the inn, Miao ‘ad Worryun tell ifn’ ‘is god thought any o’ the loot were evil: an’ the shiny an’ the sparkle turned out not to be, so that was allroight.  Nor the sheets nor the robes: which is good, because Eyeforeye reckoned it could gi’ armour to young Ingoberger – see, ee still reckons o’ moi, so can’t be so bad.  So, just some amulets an’ the staff.  Well, Darvin were for studying the staff an’ the amulets, but Miseryum were just fer destroying them outright.  An’ ‘er and Darvin an’ what their gods want prevailed.  Now, oi reckon knowing whats they was would be a good idea, an’ the lady bain’t said nought about no knowledge no place: fox can know where the conies go it’s what fox does to conies that be nor baint what it be when ‘tis.

 So, wi’ all that done, woi returned to the caves.  Now, Oi wuz scoutin’ ‘head, an’ Oi sees a bunch o’ gobblyuns coming out o’ the cave, so Oi signals, tellin’ folks ter stay back, all knotty in me stomach lest they’s just rush in an’ start the killing again.  But, whats d’yer know, they didn’t: they listened ter old Bert fer once.  So’s woi let the gobblyuns parss.

 Once they were gone, woi went inter the caves, and Miao led the way, taking us upstairs, where woi found a room wi’ scrolls an’ plates.  Darvin ‘ad a rummage through the scrolls, while oi looked for more secret doors.  There were none, so woi took the plates, and then ‘eaded down, looking fer the crypt.  Woi found a door that led down, an’ oi checked it and then opened it.  Darvin ‘eaded in, but Miaoee o’ all people screamed at ‘im ter come back, well Darvin went further in to get the light stone ‘ee ‘ad chucked in.  Then ‘ee comes skittering back up, as Oi ‘eld the door open a crack to let ‘im through.  Then Miao jumped in, as Darvin came back out, an’ then Miaoee jumped out, an’ oi slammed the door shut and bolted it.

 Miao reckont that that door probably lead to other caves that we bain’t bin in yet, an’ we should leave well enough alone, fer now.

 So, we went on, an’ came to what must be a big store room, wi manky looking food and the what not.  As we started to look around, a glooping sound came from the corridor, an’ this sheet o’ slimy something started to saunter inter the room.  ‘Ere we’s go, Oi thought.


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