Diary of Adam Aesalor - Session 70

 The following account is by new party member Adam; an IC summary of the last session. I give +1 character point (XP) for those players who submit a summary for me to post here on the blog. This session was played on 2020/06/25. 


The following is written in the elvish script:

 After we left the cavern with some extra loot (A magic axe and staff on my person) we left the cave. The exchange of the orc leader for some treasure went well, we managed to get some coins and 2 pieces of plate armour. The Chief also wanted us to go and kill the leader tribe of kobolds for more treasure, but Miao turned that down. One does wonder where Bert was for most of that.

 After getting back to the keep (Which we had a bit of trouble getting into), it was decided to pawn off most of our treasure, hopefully they managed to get the most out of it, as I said previously, it took a lot of hard work to get it. This group seems like an interesting bunch, but they all seem friendly. We plan to head back to Phessio after stopping off at the keep. Hopefully nothing too eventful will happen on our way back.


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